Thursday, 6 August 2009

Music Makes The Game - Part 1

A new series of blog posts has begun!

During my previous incarnation on the "interwebz" I was trying to start a career of writing music for computer games. Something I eventually gave up on when I realised that without prior contacts you appear to require the ego of a TV presenter. But from that period of time I came to appreciate far more the musical efforts required to make atmospheric music that was memorable for games. So I'll be sharing some of my favourites in this series.

Fairly recently I wrote an article on Adventure PC Games giving my top 5 games (or game series). One of the games I talked about was the completely underrated "Beyond Good And Evil" for which, quite excitingly there is going to be a sequel of!

Something that really stood out for me in this game was it's music score. It was just so fitting, but it was also quite unique. It featured thoughtful piano melodies, a percussion based "propaganda" song, as well as orchestral action tunes.

In particular I enjoyed the music that played when walking around the lighthouse. So here it is, courtesy of youtube and the guy who kindly uploaded it.

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