Friday, 7 August 2009

Page Comments Removed

Just had to get rid of these.

They were too slow, they reduced the number of page visitors (presumably because of the reduced page loading speed) and generally got in the way.

I'll add them again at some point but for now it's just not worth it.

Plus they doubled the price for the pro version since I joined! Not sure why they thought people wouldn't notice :)

So bye-bye comments for now - I'll be looking into other systems over the next week or so.

I should have a review up for "AI War" over the next couple of days. It's an epic scale rts game so it's taken considerably longer to get a feel for it than others. A lot of the time you can get a feel for something within a few hours of playing, but this game is just so huge. It's a bit like Sword Of The Stars, but with many more, smaller ships.

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