Friday, 4 September 2009

Aaaahhaahahaah - I don't know the exact spelling!

You might have noticed the deal on steam where you could buy Aaaahahaaaha: A reckless disregard for gravity with a free game thrown in (The wonderfull end of the world).

Unfortunately I wasn't around to tell you (damned holidays) but if you did then you've probably been enjoying the delights of falling to your doom (and absorbing the world) for a day now. I'll be doing a full review of Aaaahaahaha in the next few days, but I wanted to talk about The Wonderful end of the world for a minute.

It's a bit late to do a complete review of this, as most people who are going to get it have got it and completed it etc... but it's still worth mentioning it for those that have not.

The idea is that you walk into objects that are smaller than you to absorb them, each item allows you to grow so you can absorb larger and larger items into your walking mass of household items. Eventually you gorw so large that you can absorb dogs, tables, televisions and then people, sheds, cars, etc...

It's good fun and you get a feeling of power when you can eventually absorb larger items that repelled you before. It is a little disoncerting to see your body being made up of people and cars and beer bottles and computers and, well the whole thing is a little bizare. I guess that's what led it it's popularity and spot on steam.

I especially liked the song they wrote for the menu screen. It's a bit rappy I guess but it works. I was also hoping for some kind of story (agh, I know I know, I can't help myself) but it was just random levels.

I did find myself getting frustratingly stuck on scenery at times. Some gaps between objects look like they should let you through and it doesn't. Slowdowns are common later when there's lots going on but the worst part of that is the timer appears to opperate at a constant speed still! A little unfair methinks.

Still, it's good fun playing as the absorboloth (yay, I stole a name from Dr Who!) and might be worth getting as part of any future deals steam do. But for £6 on it's own it does feel a bit pricey somehow.

Right, back to falling off buildings!

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