Friday, 18 September 2009

Are you ready to be thrilled? Then get ready for "Volvo: The Game!"

Ok you probably won't be thrilled, and with good reason too.

A publicity game by the Volvo car manufacturer is unlikely to excite anyone but the most enthused Swedish motoring fan.

Saying that the game is free and a bit of racing fun. It's a little advert heavy but since it's a promotional game that's the sort of thing you expect.

Some of the physics in there bothered me a little, especially if you end up tapping another car. The engine rev sound was a tad annoying too. But then, for a free game it's pretty nifty.

I don't feel I can go into too much detail with it, mainly because I'm rubbish at it! But if you're a racing game fan then this might be a fun distraction!

Go have a go here (requires sign up to GamersGate)

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