Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Deals and Ordeals

I'm sure you've been keeping an eye on the deals going around, but if not here's a couple of good deals I've seen recently...

Direct2Drive turns 5, week 3!
Actually this is the most disapointing week so far!

While I was soo hoping I'd be able to jump up and down and point at a £5 copy of mass effect, this has not appeared in the offer like I'd hoped. Instead you've got "Eve Online", "Grand Theft Auto 3" (ok I can give them this one) and "Elven Legacy" to name a few. This is pretty disapointing in comparison to the previous weeks deals.

There were a number of really great RPG's that are about the right age for this deal and, well...it's not my place to complain possibly...no, wait - it is! After Bioshock and Civ4 this is just rubbish.

Anyway, perhaps MMORPGs are you thing, in which case why not take a look...

Gamersgate - Completely Unreal?
Gamersgate, my new favourite games portal, recently let me know about their "Unreal Complete" bundle.

If you've not played any of these it's a flippin bargain in my opinion. Especially since you get Unreal Tourney 3 in there as well as all 4 previous incarnations of the series.

Thinking about it I first played the original Unreal over 10 years ago now (blimey) with fantastic music from Alexander Brandon and the likes, there's a really magical bit before you reach the castle from the title screen.

Unreal tournament is, of course, the original title from where most "Head Shot", "Dominating", "Monster Kill!" samples come from. Not many people play it online I daresay these days (I wouldn't dare venture out these days with all the aimbots) but for a lan it was great fun.

I highly recommend checking this out and, at the very least, getting Unreal for it's landmark historic value.

Check it out here!

Strategy First? Who now?
Ok I'll admit, I've not played any of these games except for the ghost mansion one, which was ok but not great.

However if these games are any good it looks like a neat deal. You can get all of the strategy first titles on Good Old Games with a discount of 50% if you buy them all!

The great news here is that you can still get the deal even if you've already bought some of these from gog. Apparntely anyway.

It includes games I have at least heard of, like "Sacred Gold", "Patrician 3" (I think I played the first one of this series) and "Jagged Alliance 1&2".

If this sounds like your sort of thing, take a look here!

Are you feeling Gratuitously Impulsive?
Impulse are doing a pre-order discount on Positech's latest simulation game: Gratuitous Space Battles. You can save a couple of quids on this ship building focused space battle game.

I've been playing it for a while (beta version if you pre-order from Positch Directly) and it's a lot of fun. I was still a little disapointed that there was no empire building element (so far, you never know!) but watching the battles really is something else.

There's plenty of youtube material out there if you're curious.

If you want to experience the discount then you can go here

or if you're feeling indie-developer supportive, pre-order it directly from here

And there we go again...
Well plenty to think about there I guess - if only I didn't have most of these already!

Don't forget you can support us here by using the above link to gamersgate to sign up to their site (you don't have to buy anything if you don't want to!) or downloading impulse from this site.

Most of all however, thanks for continuing to visit!

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