Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Direct2Drive turns 5 - Week 4

A slightly less disapointing week in terms of offerings this week!

Most notable for me is the inclusion of Defense Grid: The Awakening, one of my favourite Tower defence games of late. As well as having plenty of levels, great visuals, an interesting soundtrack and lots of replayability via level challenges, it has some of the best voice acting ever. The AI computer is just very entertaining and makes the game for me. I'm not sure if I spent more time with this or Plants Vs Zombies, but it's a close call I'm sure!

Aside from that there's World Of Goo which I'm slightly less enthusiastic about. It's a great game, well polished and looks great, but I think it was a little over-hyped before I got to it. I think my major issue was this: there's a thin line between games and art, and this went too far over that line to be fun. On the other hand the developers obviously have a good, if slightly twisted, sense of humour and it shines through the game like sun rays through translucent goo.

Lastly, but hardly leastly, is the fantastic empire builder/rts mix: Sword of the Stars which I've spent many hours on over the last year. It's a great one for really long lan parties which is great because when you get further into a multiplayer game you can often do your upkeep in a couple of seconds, then alt-tab out to do something else while other players get on with the rts side of it. I know a lot of people who have this with the 3 add ons however, so it might be worth going for that instead however, if you're never going to play against others it's not really worth it, just get this cheaper version so you can say you've played it!

Again they seem to have most of the previous games at their discount prices still so if you missed Bioshock or SaintsRow 2 or Sid Meiers Pirates in previous weeks, you can still get them for a fiver while this deal is running!

Click here to visit Week 4 of the Direct2Drive turns 5 event!

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