Friday, 11 September 2009 turns 5, man alive! turns 5 and with this anniversary of IGN's retail wing they are offering games for £5 with different ones every week. This week it's "Their Favourite" games (not sure how any empire earth games end up being favourites, but then again I've only played a bit of one of em). The next few weeks however are going to feature Action, RPG and Independent titles so I'm quite interested to see what comes out in that sale!

I'm not a giant fan of D2D but I do use it when it's cheaper than steam as I'm totally driven by saving money and special (or not so special) deals. Tales of Monkey Island were cheaper there for instance and they do some cool bundles occaisionally - oh and that Sonic collection thing was good.

So it's probably worth keeping an eye on this just to see what games pop up.

You can take a look by clicking here

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