Monday, 14 September 2009

Eeek - I'm a recovering game-a-holic! (Mass Effect)

I've been a little less attentive on the site than I would have liked over the last few days.

That's because my bargain game from last weekend has consumed nearly every ounce of my gaming time. How can time be measured in weight you might ask? Because this game is very heavy. (does that work? ah who cares)

Mass Effect is simply the best RPG I've played for years and it's amazing it's taken me so long to get around to playing it. It combines two genres (as many of my top 20 games do) and has that "epic" feeling that only some games can provide. That feeling that the fate of the galaxy truely is in your hands and that you really, really can't screw this up or else you're all in big trouble!

My only critisism would probably be the occasional cheesy dialogue line and the far too obvious StarWars paralels near the end. But when a game makes you proud to be the character you're playing it can only either mean it's a fantastic feat of interactive story telling - or you're having some kind of identity crisis...I hope it's the former!

I was going to write a review of it but there's only so many ways you can write: Buy It Now - I think I'd be far too biased and I know my love of dialogue heavy games isn't shared by everyone!

Nevertheless, this is my opinion and anyone who liked the following games (
Deus Ex, Knights of the old republic, Freelancer, Baldur's Gate) should go and get this one immediately. You can then come and wait with me, huddled in a blanket under my pc desk clutching my copy of the game and wait for the sequel which is due in January 2010.

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