Friday, 4 September 2009

Fear 2, now with DLC?

Yup unsurprisingly DLC has come to Fear 2. I suspected something like this might happen after the very sudden and unsatisfactory ending of the game.

So you can now get what admittedly looks like a very interesting add on for the low low (cough) cost of £6 on steam. Strangely it's quite tempting because the premise is that you play as a replica soldier (the bad guys) and you start getting conflicting messages from your command.

It feels very much like what Opposing Force was to Half Life (where you were part of the military sent to get Gordon Freeman). Maybe this is really good but I just haven't got the patience to download FEAR 2 again and to pay for this. If you've not got either game yet FEAR 2 is currently on sale with 25% off so you'd get the whole lot for just the price of the main game.

Fear 2 wasn't a very long game so I'm curious to know how long this expansion is. If anyone would care to let me know I'd be very interested!

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