Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Games I should have played in the past: Sid Meiers Railroads

So as part of Direct2Drive's "we're 5 years old huzzah!" festival I bought myself a guilty pleasure: Sid Meiers Railroads. Or did you already get that from the post title?

I'm a bit of a sucker for empire builder games and when this first came out a while ago I was oh so tempted. So when the opportunity to get it for a fiver came up I was already playing it before I typed up any of my "look at these deals!" posts.

The mechanics are a little different from games like transport tycoon or a-train so it took me a little while to get used to building rail track straight through towns and cities! Everything just moves aside because, as the game states: "Rail Is King!"

As usual it's very much "supply and demand" thinking and building the right network to connect the right facilities and towns to meet the game goals. Oh goals, how I've missed you in all these casual games I've been playing lately! Anyway, some of the goals are pretty hard to achieve early on especially if you choose to play with AI's. That's the other thing - you don't have to play against AI's, you can just enjoy laying track and making the perfect network if you want!

The music bugged me a bit, I'm not too much of a fan of the "I'm a-workin' on the raiiiil-roooaad" type music, which the sound track sounds very much like to me. Perhaps it is just me, but I far prefered the jazzy sounds of transport tycoon, then again this is set in a far earlier era.

The trains are detailed nicely, for some reason I really loved the ancient looking trains that were more like one of those man-powered rail carts with the levers. If you need to start these depends on the map you play but it doesn't take long before the more traditional looking steam engine makes an appearance and it's worth upgrading asap! What is pretty cool is that you get the opportunity to buy upgrades that enable your trains to corner quicker, brake better, build cheaper bridges and all sorts. You have to bid against the AI players if they're around so be picky. You can usually tell which of the tech is really worth going for.

Basically if you're a fan of rail network games and have not bought this yet then, well you're as mad as I am. Especially now it's at this price.

Click here to visit direct2drive's £5 deal on Sid Meiers Railroads(uk only unfortunately!)

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