Wednesday, 16 September 2009

It would be a funny old world if we were all alike...(Braid)

I have to keep saying this to myself while I play this game. I really didn't get on with it at all. I'd tried the demo a while back and with the special offer on Steam last weekend I thought I'd get the full thing to give it the once over.

I can't even manage to do that!

Frustrating game mechanics are common place in platformers, but with Braid I just completely lost interest after the 4th or 5th time based puzzle.Yes yes, it's a very clever "rewind" mechanic and the scenery is quite pretty and I'm sure the music would sound great if I wasn't forced to listen to it backwards every few seconds but...I just didn't care. The characters don't have much character to them, for a game compared (for obvious cloning of bad guys) to the Mario franchise there was just an empty void of personality.

It was kind of like someone did a wonderfull oil painting of Mario, but made him French instead. And then they thought "Y'know, we should scan these in and make our own platform game from them and no one will ever know..."

I'll come clean and say I have no idea about the history behind the game, nor the main man behind the dream, but after playing it for about an hour today and getting progressively frustrated at the horribly disjointed gameplay I won't be running to find out.

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