Saturday, 26 September 2009

It's Casual Corner!

Even though most of the week I was busy playing East India Company I did get the chance to try out some of the new time management games on BigFishGames.

In all honesty I'm a little addicted to them but I can't spend all my time reviewing these as they're all quite similar and, well you'd probably rather not read about them all!

However, I'm sure some of you are interested, so I'll probably make Casual Corner a regular blog feature. If nothing else then it satisfies my need to talk about every game I play!!

I'm going to try this "After the Jump" thing, so here goes...

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Gemini Lost
I had to start with this one, I was actually pleasantly surprised with it! It's a tricky game to pigeon hole because it's half strategy, half time management.

The whole game is played on a single map, with lots and lots to do on it. You start off with a bunch of very young looking adults (you'll see why this is a problem for me soon) and try to maintain a kind of Lord Of The Flies type community running while attempting to get home.

Each character has his/her preferred work and you must make them work together to find all the pieces of the ancient transportation device in order to get home. This includes getting people to farm, collect resources, build bridges and rafts and also research stuff. I wasn't too sure about this to start with but after about half an hour I was hooked - especially since the game continues even when you are not playing it!

The only thing that bothered me was the building of the community - as it requires these very young looking people getting married and having children. For some reason it seemed wrong, but it does seem to work and the job system was quite appealing.

Click here to try Gemini Lost

World Of Zellians
Another building/time management game in the same vein as Be Richer but in a more fantasy based setting.

As usual I enjoyed the building element, except for the fact that you can't rotate the buildings to make the best use of the available space!

Once again I was annoyed at how easy the game was because there was no time limit to finish a level. This kind of eliminates the "time management" side of the game as you don't really have to worry about the time side of things.

Apart from being no challenge at all it was at least relaxing to build the different structures and the character of the king who is afraid of cows was a bit of a chuckle. Otherwise I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who wasn't addicted to casual builder games.

Click here to check out World of Zellians: Kingdom Builder ™

Farm Frenzy 3
I used all the demo time up on this one, unlike some of the others I played this week. But I still wasn't totally convinced.

The game mostly comprises of you manually running a farm where you take care of a bunch of birds. These birds lay eggs that need to be collected and either taken to market for a profit, turned into egg powder for cookies, or incubated to aquire more birds. It's also your responsibility to keep the birds fed with grass you grow on the land.

What I liked in comparison to the other games was that a time limit meant that it was a proper challenge! I actually had to find the best method for each level.

There are also upgrades you can buy to help cut down on the time it takes to perform certain actions, such as increasing the amount you can take to market, or turning 2 eggs at a time into egg powder rather than just one.

This made it stand out above the recent others in it's category for me and if the story had been a little less typical (I need my stories!) I would probably have bought this without a second thought. However, as it is it's on my "possibly in the future" list.

Click here to try Farm Frenzy 3

All for now - regular feature?
I just couldn't bring myself to try any of the hidden object games this week. Occasionally I'll give them a try but I find them far too monotonous.

I quite enjoyed writing quick reviews for these games - I think I'll do this every week!

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