Thursday, 3 September 2009

Line Rider 2 on steam soon - this could mean "Fantastic" opportunities!

inXile entertainment have announced (well, not announced exactly, it's just there) that Line Rider 2, the sequel to their popular online browser game will be coming to steam!

Well yes it's a pretty fun looking game, building tracks for a character on a sleigh to fall down and it looks impressive enough. The videos on steam certainly make it look entertaining with that pinball machine level and the editor looks easy enough to use to make other fun levels.

There's not much on there yet in terms of release date (says yesterday right now!) and cost etc... and If you can't stand too many adverts then I don't suggest you visit the site itself (blimey). I know it's all to support the developers but sheesh.

Anyway, the exciting thing for me here is that inXile are the developers of Fantastic Contraption! So this could possibly, possibly mean that Fantastic Contraption (2?) could be coming to steam in the future? Well, that would be nice but I won't hold me breath.

Still it will be interesting to see the details of Line Rider 2 when they get released on the Steam Page

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