Thursday, 10 September 2009

There are still bargains to be had in shops!

I was in our local gamestation yesterday looking for DS games. The DS is the only console I buy for these days and I'm a big fan of the Professor Layton games (new one soon woot!)

While I was there I decided to take a peek at the PC section for a change. The "new" section provided the usual dissapointments in terms of cost or anything I would actually be interested in getting. Mostly MMORPG's and football manager type games.

However the pre-owned section was a different story! My bargain of the week was a second hand copy of "Mass Effect" for only £5! This is pretty good considering it still costs £15 on Direct2Drive. I was considering their Mass Effect 1&2 bundle, but this has saved even more money.

I've never played it before but I've heard a lot about it and, from my first stumblings about in the game, I'm enjoying it a lot right now.

The problem is, this kind of bargain is dying out because of online distribution. People can no longer sell their games on for lower prices once they're bored of them. This is a shame because what do you think people use the money they get from sold games for? To buy new ones of course!

Of course one of the selling points steam and the like make to developers/publishers is that there is no reselling. It's not really in the best interests of the publisher as they probably imagine people would buy at the current price. I'm not convinced that's always the case, or even often the case. I'm positive some kind of second hand marketplace would be a great idea on steam, they would surely keep some of any total transactional value (say 10%) and the game would be transfered to the other person.

Of course getting distribution systems to have a fair system for this is probably more trouble than it's worth for them which is why we've not seen it yet. But I would definitely buy a second hand copy of something like Crayon Physics or COD4 from steam for example. Plus it would be a good indication of how well games hold their value over time.

Anyway, my point for now is that while retail stores may not always be best for new titles, they've still got some pretty good second hand deals going on! Just watch out for install limits!

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