Saturday, 5 September 2009

Time to relax: Droplitz

Something that came out quite some time ago but I never got round to playing was Blitz Games's (not to be confused with the game creation tool) Droplitz.
It's a kind of mix between pipemania (or for you young whippersnappers the hacking game from Bioshock) and that MB Games thing; Downfall (see right).
The idea in Droplitz is to build paths from the top of the board to the bottom before you run out of droplitz that are constantly dripping from the "dispenser" type things at the top.
It took me a while to understand exactly what you need to do, as it's far more of a casual game than it first appears. There's not that much strategy involved aside from thinking ahead to which parts of the board could do with a shake up.
What is nice about it is the visuals and (especially) the music which are organised into themes, such as an irish theme and a chocolate theme. These do add something special into the mix and I found myself wanting to play just with the specific themes.
The concept of the game isn't too impressive however and I struggled to see any lastability for more hardcore gamers.
You can get Droplitz from steam by clicking here - no demo that I can see unfortunately...

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