Wednesday, 9 September 2009

What a load of claptrap...

I think everyone who knows me knows I'm hyped about Borderlands.

It just speaks to me on so many levels. Not literally of course, I don't have that many levels.

But Gearbox is obviously a very talented game studio and if we look at their track record it's hard to imagine we're not in for a real treat on October 20th (the release date). 4 player co-op (but you can play any number up to this so it's a single player game too) with a big story, loads of guns, not too many numbers and plenty of action; Borderlands just looks fantastic.

And it looks like the viral marketing engine at Gearbox has just moved up a...well you know. They've released a video of the "loveable" claptrap trying to talk about the making of Borderlands.

It's not quite "Zombies on your Lawn" but it's pretty good nonetheless. Here, take a peek!

There have also been some youtube vids from PAX09 which are looking very promising.

This is my biggest hope for this pretty good year for games, so it had better not let me down! Do you hear me Mr (Randy) Pitchford?! The disapointment of L4D must not be repeated!


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