Sunday, 20 September 2009

You can tell it's that time again...

Yes, the decorations are starting to appear in the windows, it's started to get a little cooler (in England at least?) and, probably the most obvious indicator these days, Game Developers have started to release their latest titles for the PC.

In the last few days I can name at least 5 titles I'm interested in - not that I'll get them all, but I would if I had the time to play them!

Batman - Arkham Asylum
This is one I probably will end up reviewing sooner rather than later.

The (fantastic) demo featured both action and stealthy bits, but I've heard the main game contains more of the fighting rather than sneaking around. It's a shame about that really as I prefered the sneaking, it gave more opportunities to do things my way. Saying that I've also heard that this doesn't matter and that it's awesome anyway.

Plus I want to hear what tenuous explanation there is for Batmans equipment upgrades - I'm sure it'll be plausable...

Mini Ninjas
I enjoyed the demo to this too, but I wasn't sure if I'd be able to stick with it til the end if I was to play the main game.

It sure is cute, but it's nothing especially new and the "We've dumbed this down so it works on any system" feeling really shows. Normally that isn't too much of an issue, but when if feels like you should be "button mashing" instead of "key mashing" (or mouse mashing) then it starts to feel wrong.

Saying that I did like thinking that this was made by the same developers who made the Hitman series, since Mini Ninja's style couldn't be further away from Hitmans.

Majesty 2
This almost-rts looks pretty interesting. I've not played the first, but the premise here is that while you concentrate on the building of your city, the units take care of themselves?

I believe you set rally points where your units will head for and decide to do what's best when they arrive (time for a cuppa?) Since I'm rubbish at RTS tactics this might be one to try out! I always prefered the building and resource management side of things, that's why I love tower defence games so much!

For some reason this one doesn't look as good as the screenshots to the original? Perhaps that's just me (it usually is) but I'll be checking this one out too at some point.

Madballs in Babo
Ok, this looks nuts and aparently (if the description is to be believed) took the Xbox 360 world by storm.

I've not heard of it before but it's some kind of shooter game featuring spherical characters. No idea if it's any good, but my curiosity is aroused. Aside from that, any game with co-op mode needs to be checked out, especially with those screenshots...

Wait a second, is that an eyeball with a cape?

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