Thursday, 17 September 2009

Zuma's revenge demo was...

Disapointing. (I'm not sure what my issue is with games this week, I'm having no luck at all!). I've not played the original Zuma but I thought I would give Zuma's Revenge a quick go.

Compared to the other Popcap games where a bit of forward thought and intelligence plays a part, Zuma really is quite the mindless match-3 game played on a track rather than a grid. It's one of those panic inducing games where nearly the whole experience involves a last ditch effort to get through the level alive. This is fine occasionally but I'd like to think some early, well placed moves would have made things easier for me in the long term.

It's not all bad I guess, as the presentation is nice, it's very playable and not too frustrating for such a game. But turning a ball spitting frog around to wipe out a line of balls just wasn't as exciting as promised, so I won't be getting the full thing.

Also what bothered me was the aztec theme; I've never been a fan to be honest. There must be a market for it obviously as the original Zuma was a huge hit as I'm sure this will be for them.

I really enjoyed their Plants Vs Zombies and Bookworm Adventures 2 this year, so it's surprising this didn't have the same effect on me. I guess it's "all part of the plan" to release a diverse catalogue.

I do think Zuma's Revenge is a little overpriced for what it is though...

Anyway, you can get the demo from the popcap website here

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