Friday, 2 October 2009

Game Deals, and so many of them - weekend of 2nd October 2009

I seem to be mentioning a load of gaming deals every week so I feel I should put the date in the subject now!

So while I have the where to buy games guide there's no way the site can cope with the different deals every weekend so a blog post is always best I feel!

Now I get notified about a shed load of details every week these days (you honestly have no idea!) So I'm going to filter out the ones I didn't think were much good and just tell you the deals I think are worth going for!

Spiderweb Software's "Sadness" Sale

Not exactly an inspiring name for a sale, but the deal itself is pretty good. Obviously Spiderweb cater for the Hardcore (capital H) Role Playing Game fan. The type of player who's completed Baldurs Gate and thought it was too short, the type of player who roles a dice to make decisions in real life with a D20, the kind of player who...well you get the idea.

So their deal is simply 10% off any of their games for PC (and mac for those of my new brotherhood!)

Click here to visit the spiderweb software website

GamersGate Deals

Obviously by using any of the Gamersgate links here you'll be supporting this blog and site as well. In fact just signing up helps us! Of course I'd hardly want to influence you to do this at all!

Anyway, the deals that I did like the look of on here are Red Faction 1 & 2 for £5. Red faction being famous for being one of the first games with fully destructable terrain (or the first possibly?)

Otherwise there is a good pre-order deal on for Tropico 3 where you can get 10% off!

Impulse Driven - my favourite deal of the week!

Okay Impulse win deal of the week for me.

They've currently got The Spirit Engine 2, one of the first games I reviewed on the site for £5, which for the quality of this game is just fantastic.

Of course if you were feeling generous and wanted to help me out too you could download the impulse client from this link: download the impulse client to sign up to impulse. Otherwise here's the page with the deal on it anyway for all you meanypants! Spirit Engine 2 Deal Page

That's all for this week

There's a bunch of similar deals at most of these sites of course. Don't forget the Direct2Drive deals that are on at the moment if you live in the UK.

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