Friday, 9 October 2009

I'm not much of a football fan, but here's a deal...

Like the title proudly says, I really am not much of a football fan. The only time I ever watch football is when the World Cup is on, and these days I'm likely to pass that up too. And when it comes to sports games I think it's the one situation where I'd rather be doing it for real than playing a computer game about it. Personally I prefer my games to be further separated from reality and less realistic. Maybe that discussion is best left for another day.

On the other hand I do recognise that many people enjoy football games of both types (playing and managing) and I remember that last years Football Manager game was popular with my clan mates.

So GamersGate are running a deal where you can buy Football Manager 2010 and get Outrun 2006 Coast to Coast for free (and of course a bunch of gamersgate's blue coins loyalty points.) If I liked Football Manager I'd probably get it, as I'm bound to enjoy the Outrun game (as long as they kept the original music in there!)

Click here to find out more about this deal

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