Thursday, 8 October 2009

It's oh so very close...Gordon Freeman, Mario, Link or Samus?

I'm not a fan of Gamespot as a rule due to the "incident" a few years ago with one of their reviewers and advertising stuff - but that's not my problem. This feels like it is though, they've been running a vote for a while now on who the best hero from video games is and we're down to 4 final contenders.

As the title says it's between 3 Nintendo giants and Dr Gordon Freeman of Half Life fame.

Now, if you can't guess how I've voted then you've probably stumbled upon a PC Game Review site by accident.

I still can't believe some of the results so far. Jade (Beyone Good and Evil) loosing against Samus? Cloud loosing against that bald dude from Gods of War? Earthworm Jim loosing against Link? I believe the world has gone mad.
Go, cast your vote! Let the world know that only Gordon can save us from the console monsters! (yes yes, I know it's on xbox too...)

Click here to visit the voting page

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