Monday, 5 October 2009

Recent Games to Avoid!

Im always wary of suggesting games not to play.

Mainly since I very much suspect I don't like them because I'm no good at them! Sometimes it's quite obviously bad though. Braid for example, I can see that it's a good game but it really wasn't my cup of tea, it was too tedious. Other people have had the same experience with Trine, whereas I really enjoyed it.

So back to the recent games I've been trying out I whole heartedly reccomend you avoid the following:

Magic Farm: Ultimate Flower

I didn't give this much of a chance I have to admit, but I really wasn't impressed after my 15 minutes of playing. The user interface felt clunky and somehow innacurate, the gameplay was disjointed and confusing and the artwork was too busy for a casual game. Realism has it's place in gaming, and that's in violent FPS games where you want to see recognisable organs after a shotgun blast.

This was very quickly uninstalled after my short play.

If I've sounded too harsh, perhaps click here to try it

Crazy Skateboard

I do hate to kick a developer twice, but FreeWorldGroup don't half come up with some rubbish sometimes. This is another one of their free browser games that just doesn't work.

The physics are some of the worst I've ever seen, the music is some of the most annoying I've heard and it's completely devoid of any character. The lad riding the skateboard doesn't have a name, but I desperately wanted him to have one. This was mainly so that I could insert it between the many swear words I uttered whilst playing this.

Click here to check it out (if you must)

I could go on...
But that would just be mean, I've been as nasty as I feel I can be in one day. Most games are (or at least should be) the product of hard work by developers, which is easy to forget (it all too often is!)

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