Thursday, 29 October 2009

The results for the Creeper World Contest!

Yes they are finally here! We had many entrants from all over the world (which is great!) The winners are:
  1. Kim, From Seoul in South Korea
  2. Declan, From Glasgow in Scotland
  3. Brandon, From Huston in the USA
  4. Kevin, From Rochester in the USA
  5. Sergey, From Moscow in Russia
Congratulations all, you should have received your winning game key by now which can be used to download the full version of Creeper World!

Please check your spam boxes if you don't appear to have received it - let me know via the contact form if you've not!

Thanks to everyone who entered and thanks to Virgil Wall, the creator of Creeper World, for donating the keys and for making a great game!

Again, if you've not played this yet, please visit the site and try the demo at:

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