Friday, 9 October 2009

Trying to wait for Borderlands? Need something to take off the edge?

Then try this, the official, unofficial Borderlands flash game!

If you follow the creative director of Gearbox on Twitter you'll already know about this but if not it's a great little game (that unfortunately has a few bugs) of Borderlands as it might be as a platformer game!

Looks like they've copied as much as the gameplay videos have shown us and includes different weapons, loot, shields and all sorts. I'm not sure about the controls though, and like I said there are a few annoying bugs.

Click here to try the game!

If you haven't pre-ordered Borderlands yet then you must be mad, if anyone has the confidence to release their game at the same time as Call Of Duty: Modern Warefare 2, then that game surely deserves inspection! Personally I believe this may be the biggest co-op FPS game ever - I just hope it is and I don't have to eat my words in a few weeks time!

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