Wednesday, 25 November 2009

The Body Snatchers! (Left4Dead2)

I'm actually a little worried.

Actually that’s a bit of an understatement, its a kind of dread that something is happening to people who play Left4Dead2. They are changed people.
And I apologise for my over zealous use of italics but I've come to the conclusion that Left4Dead2 is in fact the zombie virus itself at work. "But Andy, you madman!" I hear you say, "such things are the work of fiction only!"
Perhaps, perhaps.

But I've noticed a trend in gamers who have previously declared L4D2 to be something avoided and have then gone on to play the game in full. This includes 95% of reviewers out there and 99% of boycotters who have all suddenly decided that the game is awesome.

On the subject of the boycott, it seems that most of this collective now own the title, including the leaders. These leaders were turned by the source (ho ho) of the infection, Valve HQ, who returned from their meeting with the host with a perspective turned around (ie, they decided L4D2 was good and not bad as they had previously spoken.) So not much of a boycott overall then.

Now I have friends who have also fallen foul to this affliction - I feel like I'm in that body snatchers film and everyone is trying to get at me whispering "Join ussss..."


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