Thursday, 26 November 2009

The Chicken and the Wii

As much as I don't like consoles too much, they do have their uses.

I do, to my shame, own a Wii - but I wanted to share my story of how this piece of living room entertainment equipment can actually be useful.

Hah! You may scoff, but this is a true story and luckily not a very long one, so stay with me on this...

On Sunday my folks were visiting and we had planned to cook a roast dinner, which is quite a stretch for us as our usual sunday meals consist of mostly muffins. So on Saturday I purchased a free range Chicken from the local Chicken shop and was quite proud of myself for doing so. How grown up of me. My fiancé told me that we would need to cook this beast for 20 minutes per pound-in-weight, which was duly noted.

On Sunday morning I woke at 8:30 in a panic - In all the rush I'd forgotten to remember how heavy the chicken was! I tried to weigh it on our tiny plastic scales - they broke. I tried to weigh it on the bathroom scales - they're digital and wouldn't register such a tiny non-person.

It was too early to bother the neighbours and I wasn't sure if it needed to go into the oven right then but suddenly a moment of genius overtook me and I booted up the Wii.

Wii-Fit-Plus, which I had bought the previous friday allows you to weigh your pet animals by first weighing yourself, then the combined weight of you holding your pet. The difference obviously being the weight of the animal. So by now it should be obvious that we have a "cat" registered on the Wii called "TheChicken" (stupid Wii short names means there is no space.) It follows me around when I do the cycling challenges.

The weird thing is I can't bring myself to remove it from the Wii, even after we've eaten the chicken. Strange.


  1. Yeah, and to do that on a PC you'd have needed to install DirectX 24, update the drivers for, I don't know, your sound card or something and then reboot 3 times. And it still would have frozen half-way through.

  2. I revoke your geek status immediately!

    Compatability problems are half the fun!

  3. Yeah, they're fun for, I don't know, twenty years or so. Then they just get boring.

    There's no shame attached to owning a Wii, you know. Lots of people are quite open about it these days.

  4. I can imagine! After all, loading all those games on punch cards probably gets dull after a while!

    The Wii isn't a games console anyway, it's a piece of exercise equipment...

  5. Ah yes, those were the days (takes out pipe and slippers). I remember a day back in '73. I was just loading up Half-Life (text-based version) on the old IBM mainframe when I dropped all the cards and they all got mixed up. Dear oh dear! I loaded them in anyway and, what do you know, it turned out I'd invented MS-DOS. Imagine!