Thursday, 26 November 2009


RPGs are a guilty pleasure of mine, so when I see a new one I'm always eager to play it as soon as possible - if only I had the time. So when I was told about Driftmoon I was immediately curious!

First off here's the video

It's certainly interesting looking, kind of like diablo but with a Gautnlet style viewpoint. In the email I recevied it describes the gameplay as: Explore the large open world and fight the evil forces that plague the land with your optional friends - egoistic panther and firefly with a mission to become a star.

And I immediately thought: when the firefly says he wants to be a star, is that like an "In the sky" star, or as in Elton John? I'm guessing the former, although the latter would have made for a great story in an rpg game like this!

Anyway, I don't want to poke fun because it's looking like a solid effort so far. They've reached the final of the 2BeeGames indie contest (I've not actually heard of that before, but some good lookin' games in there) - it's a public voting contest so get in there and click!

And you can find more out about Driftmoon at where there is a playable version available!

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