Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Modern Warfare 2 - Sorry, Did I miss something?

Although this looks quite good I can't bring myself to buy it yet, nor to get the first one (or the 4th one depending on what series it's trying to be at the time.)

I've seen clips of the famous bits from COD4 so there's not going to be any surprises here, and I was even given a copy for the xbox360, which I promptly gave back because playing an FPS on a console is like trying to play a platformer on the PC. It's unnatural.

The co-op "special ops" missions in this new offering sound really good fun and the now infamous Airport scene sounds like one of the more controversial gaming moments I've heard of since Bone Town was released. (You'll have to search for that one yourselves)

But while this is undoubtedly a good game I'm surprised at the fanatisism bubbling up behind it, as well as the bile pouring from the net regarding it's lesser attributes such as the lack of dedicated server support, steam dependancy, short length of the single player campain...I could go on. It feels on par with the Left4Dead-2 boycott, people are getting quite worked up about it which I understand because it's natural to get worked up about something your dedicated to.

I don't really want to go into the "there's plenty more games out there" talk, but there really are. Suggestions from me would be: Borderlands (ooh, review soon!), Torchlight (I wish I had the time to review this!), Gratuitous Space Battles, just to name a few!

So I wouldn't use the word Boycott, I would use the words alternative purchase choice or something else that actually sounds clever.

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