Friday, 27 November 2009

More Weekendly deals going on

Not to be left out in the cold, Gamersgate and Direct2Drive are also running some interesting deals right now. Some of these overlap other sites but they all seem to be equal discounts when they do.

Anyway, here are the more interesting ones I've spotted:

Gamersgate are selling a KingsBounty double pack, which is basically the latest installment (Armoured Princess) with the original tagged on for an extra £5. I did buy and play the original a while ago but I didn't get on with the concept, I do enjoy turn based battles but I would have prefered ally play pieces to have been specific characters rather than just generic archers, knights, bears and so on. But I know that sites such as RockPaperShotgun consider it to be something very special so perhaps it's worth your attention Click here for the Kingsbounty double set offer

Direct2Drive are doing some similar deals to impulse right now. The main differences being CitiesXL which they're selling for £15 and Grand Theft Auto 4 for £10, which from what I've heard is a bargain (if you're into that sort of thing). Check out their recent deals - and remember to check back there on monday for more deals.

Going briefly back to Gamersgate, my eagle eyes spot that they have East India Company going for only £10, which is a great price for this. I didn't think it was quite up to Anno-1404's fun level but if you just want to trade then it does that in more detail. Check out the deal here

Lastly, you've got to check out the Steam day 2 deals that are on - these are mental. Mental I tell you! Knights of the Old Republic for only £2? Majesty 2 for only £7? Left4Dead2 for cheaper than the pre-order price? Will I get that now...hmmmm... Anyway, Worth checking it out!

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