Monday, 23 November 2009

New Review: Snakeworlds!

Yes your jaws may well drop to the floor, I have indeed written a new review after nearly a month and a half of other bits and bobs off the site I've finally gotten my backside into gear with the site again. I've devised a clever way of working on 2 projects at once so...uh, anyway I'm getting sidetracked!

Snakeworlds is what we're talking about here, the guys have been very patient and probably thought I'd been after a freebee when asking for a review copy, but finally: Vindication! I hesitate to call it a snake "clone" because it visually has little resemblence to classic snake games. But I thought...Ah, well you'd better read the review to find out!

Click here to read the Snakeworlds review!

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