Friday, 13 November 2009

Weekend Dealies!

Again, weekends are a time for the budget gamer to rejoyce and buy games at the price they should have arguably been sold at to start with - but that's another conversation. So in no particular order, here are my hot buying tips for this weekend:

Overlord Complete Pack!
Not sure if this is just a weekend deal, or if it's going to be around for a while, but this looked like a real bargain to me. It contains the original Overlord, the Add on and also Overlord 2, which only came out a few months ago - all for the price I paid for Overlord back in June (£25)

It is on steam, so steam-a-phobes should steer clear (not that I know many people who try to avoid steam). Otherwise clicky here: Overlord Complate Pack Link

Elven Legacy 50% Off
Now heres a game I've been meaning to review for weeks, but with everything else going on - well I've not reviewed anything since Mid-October! Soon to change...Anyway, going back on topic this is worth your attention, a pretty interesting strategy game from Paradox who seem to be taking over gamers gate with their vast quantity of releases!

So if you're looking for a good strategy title you could do worse than check this out: Elven Legacy 50% off link

The Indie Complete Pack!
Oooh this would be great if I didn't already own some of these. This pack going for £15 includes recent greats such as AaAAaaaaAAaah, And Yet It Moves, Crayon Physics just to name a few. I've played nearly all of these and can guarantee their excellence, especially AaaAAaa, Crayon Physics and Project Aftermath.

This really is a weekend-only deal (ends 16/11/09) so make sure you don't wait too long! Indie Complete Pack Link

Spirit Engine 2 - when did it go down this much?
Wow, the most excellent Spirit Engine 2 is now only £6 on gamers gate? I reviewed this back in Feb and it's on of the games that made me want to do reviewing to tell the world about these fantastic creations. Click here for the review!

So this is not a weekend deal, but one that you should check out for sure: Click here to get the Spirit Engine 2

Finally - are we having a Crysis?
Oh the puns, what fun! Anyway, Steam are doing a great weekend deal on both Crysis and it's expansion thing Crysis:Warhead - both 50% off. If you've not heard of Crysis and love First Person Shooter games (I'll be very surprised if you've not heard of it in this case but...) go here immediately!

I've only actually played Crysis recently and was impressed with the obviously fantastic look of the thing. The gameplay wasn't my favourite in terms of FPS, but for a tenner I wouldn't argue!

Click here to take a gander: Crysis Weekend Deal Link

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