Saturday, 7 November 2009

Weekend deals that are worth thinking about!

Oh my, there really are couple of fantastical deals around for those of you who haven't got these titles yet:

Grappling Hook - 50% off
Yes the FPS Puzzler I "recently" reviewed is 50% off this weekend at Gamers Gate

If you're a fan of Portal or other fps puzzlers (there was this great HL1 mod that was a puzzler but I can't remember it's name anymore) then this is well worth your attention.

Also, it's an Independent developer who wrote this, so you can feel good for buying this twice over!

Mass Effect - 50% off
Oh Mass Effect was a life saver a few months ago for me. I was quite skint and I found it for a Fiver on the second hand shelf.

Now, this isn't quite as cheap but it's as near as you'll get it digitally. Mass Effect is a Bioware game, if you didn't know, a developer whose games should be stored in buddist temples and revered as the pinacle of RPG gaming titles.

In other words, go get this now! (on steam)

Torchlight - cheapest retailer is...
And I know I get kudos for sales from them, but GamersGate have this at £12.95 which is a couple of squids less than Steam and Direct2Drive.

Otherwise try the official Torchlight site (I have no idea what conversion rates are doing at the moment) where it's $20, if that's any cheaper than £13!

Have you tried this yet? I quite liked it but my bro, who's a Diablo-Purist, really didn't. I guess it has something to do with the cartoonish style... Perhaps I need to review this...

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