Monday, 16 November 2009

When Two Worlds Unfortunately Collide

I'm probably going to come across as a whining little fanboy now so for those that have a higher opinion of me, it's probably best to ignore this ranting post!

Okay, now that <1% of readers have gone I also have to admit this post isn't about a PC game. In fact it's about one of the only console gaming series that I care about: Final Fantasy

If you're also a fan of the series you've probably already seen the recent announcement trailer from Square-Enix. If not, here it is again for you:

So yeah it starts off with some chap talking who looks like he'd never heard of the game series until his modelling agency cast him for this role. Then it gets into the little talks by the peeps involved - which actually is great. And they chat about the game, giving nothing away that we didn't really know already.

But, and if you've just watched this you probably already know what's getting to me, the sound guy tells us they've partnered with "Singer/Songwriter" (hmmm) Leona Lewis to write and sing the American/European theme song.

I just can't get on board with this idea - it's the worst possible thing that could happen to a series like this. Out of all of the possible "Singer/Songwriters" (and I still can't believe they called her a songwriter) they could only think of her?

Well, it's far more likely there's a marketing deal or the record company is co-owned by the owner of Square-Enix or something like that of course. This was the only console game I was planning to buy over the next year (aside from DS games, they don't count) but now I'm not so sure. I don't think I want to encourage this kind of music or celebrity appearing in the games I buy.

This would have never happened with Nobuo Uematsu running the sound side of things. Maybe it's time to ignore the FF series and pretend it ended at number 10 (which in some ways it did.) Let's hope Mistwalker can provide us with something new to play soon.

And if you want to hear the monstrosity that is the creation to be used (which I note wasn't especially written for the game) try this linky here. I'd advise against it of course...

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