Friday, 6 November 2009

Where I've been...And whats going to happen

I've been busy with another project as previously mentioned and, since I'm coming to the end of it should have time to update pc-games-and-reviews once more!

For those interested, the other project is a game development partnership with my very good friend over at where we will be attempting to write some games for both the PC and iPhone. In fact some of our projects are well underway.

Check out: for Rich's fantastic browser based, cartoony, production-line, work in progress sim game The Machine  - screenshot to the right - and my personal pet project which is a match-3 drop tile game called Block-A-Drop and when you notice it's a christmas project you should understand why I've been so busy with this instead recently!

I'm going to be blogging and reviewing again after this weekend (submitting the app to apple over the next few days so crunch time is almost over!) although some of my blogging will be over at the other blog now.

Creeper World Contest Note...
I hope the winners from the competition are enjoying their copies of Creeper World! No one has got back to me with any problems so I guess everything went smoothly!

I've had a few entries since the deadline (even with the removal of the contest page) - please note I have no more copies to give away... But thanks for your enthusiasm!

Also, thanks once again to Vigill Wall who donated the copies for the contest!

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