Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Can you spell "Pirate"? Pirate Princess!

Moonpod, the makers of indie sf classics Starscape and Mr Robot have recently released their latest title called: Pirate Princess!

Its, um....well, it's a casual game! The action bits consist of spelling words from a grid of letters. Each time a valid word is created the cannons are fired and damage is done to the enemy. In the meantime the enemy (and by that I mean AI, not another player) is trying to spell words to retaliate.

Between battles you travel from port to port, trying to find word of your father who has recently gone missing, presumed "blown up" in an attack on his ship. The character you play is a girly pirate,which feels like some kind of attempt to reel in the boys, much like the girly engineer in Starscape.

After a bit of a play I wasn't convinced at all. Its very much like Bookworm adventures, but without the polish that I would have expected from an established Independent developer like Moonpod. But I think my biggest surprise is that they made a game like this, rather than their previous RPG type games. I have heard that one of their recent projects was cancelled from some kind of publishing deal, so I can only assume this is an attempt to try and earn some money so they can work on something a bit more interesting? This is, of course, all speculation so don't hold me to it!

While the demo felt decidedly average I have no idea if it gets better or not later on, so perhaps check out some reviews when they appear before writing it off completely.


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