Monday, 28 December 2009

In Game Movies: A lost art form?

FMV sequences, as they are often known, have been with us since the early 90's where games would often insert small video clips into a game rather than make the player rely entirely on their imagination. Some games even made these clips the entire game giving the player only small choices to make such as which direction to walk in.

Then, in 1998 Half Life appeared and showed the world that you don't need to have these in game movies. Of course by then realtime 3D graphics were becoming more advanced and were closing in on the animated sequences in FMV clips.

Personally however I think that some genre's still benefit from these. The Final Fantasy series has used them since the seventh installment and find use for them for spectacular in game sequences that need that extra bit of extravegance.

But thinking about these clips takes me back to my earlier gaming days and I thought it would be fun to revisit some of the more memorable little movies that were found in game. So here are a couple of my favourite:

StarCraft (broodwar)

Ooh, what a way to start. Broodwar, the add-on to Starcraft built on the already great cinematics of the first and once again made incredible use of them to set the scene for the gameplay that followed. They gave a real sense of what the creators imagined it would be like to live in such a world.

Theme Hospital

While there was no real story to the game, for the fans of the Bullfrog development studio this was a great little intro video. There's plenty of fan service with the characters from their previous games in the waiting room and the doctor playing Dungeon Keeper as the helicoptor flies past.

I'll resist thowing anymore video your way for now but I'm sure other people out there have favourite fmv sequences from games gone past?

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