Saturday, 5 December 2009

Is this really Indie? Interstellar Marines...

I don't think I've posted about this before, but there's a rather impressive looking Unity3D based project over at

What is it exactly? Well to quote the guys: "Interstellar Marines is an AAA, FPS, Sci-fi, action and adventure game with an original and unpredictable storyline featuring single and cooperative gameplay, with heavy focus on realism." Co-op gameplay? Me likey!

The impressive bit is that you can actually "play" the screenshots. "What?!" you might exclaim "But surely screenshots are static images of gameplay!" Which is true, but what Zero Point Software have created is a playable screenshot where you can see a single frame of the game but from a 3D point of view. So you can walk around an action scene and view if from all angles. And they call it The Vault - unfortunately it requires registration, fortunately I've not yet been spammed as a result of signing up several months ago.

Anyway, they've released a teaser vid which, since it's a teaser, doesn't really show much. But it does kind of put me in mind of the half life games a bit:

The only problem I have is the pricing structure - it's not very indie-ish and buying all three chapters costs more than, say, a full series of a Telltale game series. That's if I understand it correctly anyway. Perhaps I'm misjudging it, I mean - it's not even out there yet! But despite the fantastic look of the thing I'll be keeping my $50 until I know it's definitely worth it. You can read about why they've chosen their pricing models and such here

Certainly one to watch either way!

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