Wednesday, 2 December 2009

It's going to be an Indie Christmas!

Independent games! They're the backbone of the games industry!

Well, maybe they are, but we can all agree that some of the more interesting titles from the last few years have been independently made by "bedroom" coders or small, non-distributer supported businesses.

So it seems only right that, run by the creator of DeadWake, has created a cross-marketing site for the Christmas season, which will showcase a different independent game each day! What a marvellous idea.

So obviously I missed the boat a little and we're on day 2 now but it'll probably be worth reading each day to see what pops up - perhaps something we've never heard of before eh? Day One was the fasntastical AI War: Fleet Command. Day Two is an iPhone game I've never heard of but reminds me of Sokoban type puzzles.

So, lets spread the happiness and the indie greatness and all that stuff: Visit the Indie Games Xmas Calendar and tell everyone else!

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