Saturday, 19 December 2009

Music Makes The Game: EarthScape

Earthscape is not a game, nor is it exactly game music so you might question why I've decided to bring it up here!

Well it's because of the composer Alexander Brandon who I've mentioned in the past, and who is one of my major game music heroes. He's worked on projects for accolade(Tyrian) and IonStorm(Deus Ex) and Epic(Unreal/UnrealTournament) So when he announces the release of a new album it's something I'll sit up and take notice of.

There's a trailer below - it's unfortunately a little pretentious in my opinion, but as long as the music is good I won't be complaining.

Just to finish here are a couple of my favourite pieces of music from the man himself. We're going back quite a few years now but hopefully you can cope with that!

Here's some of the tunes from Tyrian, which aside from it's great 2 play action (you could combine the two ships to make a super ship or split up to attack enemies from different angles, how cool is that?) was it's fantastic music, take a listen:

And here's something completely different, the main title theme of Unreal, the start of the Epic FPS empire!

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