Sunday, 20 December 2009

PC Games And Reviews Awards: Adventure Game of the year!

At first glance Adventure games sounds like something that fits several different genres. First Person Shooters are generally, by and large, adventure games. Role playing games certainly are and you could argue that anything that features a journey of a kind is an adventure game.

But for now I'm talking about those adventure games where you point and click, picking up objects and using them elsewhere to progress through the story. And these are the ones that have sprung up this year:

Time Gentlemen Please review
I've followed Zombie Cow's progress for quite some time, having played the demo of their deathmatch platformer "Gibbage" a few years ago when it was first released. But when they released their free point-and-clicky adventure "Ben There Dan That" my interest level dropped. Oh, how stupid I was!

Luckily for me when the sequel came out this year I decided to give it a go as it was the cheapest new title I'd ever seen! I wasn't quite prepared for the craziness that followed, nor just how awesome it was going to be. It must be the rudest adventure game I've ever played but also one of the smartest.

Tales Of Monkey Island review
Telltale games have proven to be the only developer in the world that has managed to make episodic gaming work right. They've released about 5 series since I've been following them including the sequels to the Sam And Max games and the awesome Strong Bad games which was my favourite point-and-click adventure from last year.

This years major offering was the Monkey Island sequels featuring the further adventures of Guybrush Threepwood against his arch nemesis LeChuck. I was a little nervous about how they would handle it after their, unfortunately dull Wallace and Gromit adventures. But these were great, thanks in no small part to the (aprantely) small but significant guidance from the original Monkey Island developer.

Avenue Flo (no review yet)
This is one of the games I played during my quiet time in October and completely failed to write up a review of (perhaps I'll have time during the Christmas Holls!)

This strange cross-genre games combines gameplay from Point and Click adventures and hidden object games as well as puzzle games! This led to a surprisingly interesting result that I just had to play to the end - even if it was about a wedding!

The great thing about this, considering it was an independent title, was that it was completely and fully voice acted all the way through!

And the winner is:
It just has to be Time Gentlemen Please for being one of the most memorable games this year. Never before have I, in a puzzle game, covered a skeletal arm in poo poo and used it on a dna-hand-scanner. And I probably never will again!

The Tales of Monkey Island were good but there were a few moments where it dipped when some awkward model clipping happens and I really didn't like the control method.

Avenue Flo is great but I can tell it won't appeal to non-casual gaming fans. Which is fine, that's where it's roots are and it's proud of it. I'd like to see a sequel though!

So Ben And Dan win again! Time Gentlemen Please is the surprise game of the year, getting some fantastic reviews on all kinds of blogs and magazines. The world is gripped for their next adventure!

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