Thursday, 24 December 2009

PC Games And Reviews Awards: Hottest Female Character of the Year!

*Girls should not read the following blog post - especially my fiance!*

Oh yes, the blog's integrity rating has gone down but the awesomeness has gone up!

Lets face it, a fair proportion of gamers are guys and the girls already have plenty of muscle bound (or thoughtful sensitive type, gah) heroes to look at. So lets celebrate the fact that game developers love the ladies!

2009 like any other year introduced us to a number of new female heroes and side-kicks and although it's probably even more subjective than which game was best, here are my personal favourites of the year:

Lilith (Borderlands)
The "Siren" class of borderlands specialises in more stealthy type tactics including phase-walking which allowed her to move around undetected as if in another dimension.

If you actually play as or with Lilith the voice acting makes her sound quite a bit more twisted and evil than she perhaps appears - or maybe thats just me. Anyway, she's obviously not too bad to look at!

Morgan Le Flay (Tales of Monkey Island)
When we first came across the name in the first episode, we all assumed that Morgan was a chap. What a surprise when it turned out otherwise at the start of the second ep.

Morgan holds an all too obvious torch for Guybrush, the leading man but stays in character at all times and carries out the job she was paid to do (ie to capture him!) Quite the little minx!

Harley Quinn (Batman: Arkham Asylum)
"Do you like my new outfit bats?" said Harley, to which a million boys around the world said "Yeh Yeh Yeh!"

Harley was one half of the eye candy for this years rather fantastic Batman game. The other half being, of course, Poison Ivy, however Harley seemed to appear more often in the game. Marvellous!

Arkham Asylum 2 cannot get here fast enough!

Morrigan (Dragon Age)
Dragon Age was the big Bioware release of the year and, like Mass Effect, decided to include some quite saucy Romance scenes with both the male and female playable characters. Morrigan is the first girly who joins your team and...well, just how does that top stay on?

Morrigan stands out more because of her personality (honest!) as her views on the world are polar opposites to the stereotypical views most of the other characters have in the game. Oh, and you get to have sex with her. Thanks Bioware!

And the winner is:
It's like picking my favourite cake! Impossible! See, I like Eccles cakes but I also like bakewell tarts and cream donuts...It just depends what mood I'm in!

Today I'm in a "Morgan Le Flay" mood however, so that's the winner. Tomorrow I will probably change my mind!

And for those who've not played the new Monkey Island games and want to see why I made this choice here's a video of the best Morgan moments from the series *SPOILER ALERTS!*

What I've realised though is that they're all "bad girls", anti-hero and villain types and there are no damsel in distress characters here. Does that say something about me?

Lets hope there are plenty of new girly characters to play with in 2010!


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  2. Thanks for reading! Feel free to keep commenting ;)