Friday, 11 December 2009

The PC Games And Reviews Awards!

No, no-no, awards isn't grand enough, I do believe the word I'm looking for is honours!

But enough of my self-piss-taking, I don't think this kind of thing needs any kind of grand introduction. Basically I played several games of each genre this year and now it's time to see which came out the best between them all!

So over the next few days I'll be shouting about which I thought was best, some I will have reviewed, others I might have decided not to for lack of time or botherance.

It's interesting to think though that I've reviewed 70 games this year so far. In the earlier days I was doing 3 per week, which was painful, less in-depth and I got a few complaints from some developers! Quite rightly so too! I've worked hard to develop my writing style and put more effort into the review side of things. This has meant less time to work on things like videos and articles but I feel it's worth it. There's no real point to me saying all this except to prove that I've played a fair cross-section of this years titles, both indie and commercial, but I have missed some of the big ones (Modern Warfare 2, L4D2, etc...) you just can't play them all! (At least not in your spare time!)

So with that said, I'll be making a start tomorrow, with one of my favourite genre's: RPGs!

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