Monday, 7 December 2009

Way Back When...Discworld, the games!

While we're talking about point and click adventure games...well yes I know we weren't actually talking about point and click adventure games but I've noticed a few gaming websites doing wistful look backs to games they once loved and wish for those golden days again and so on.

So I thought I'd do my own wistful glance into my own gaming past and stir up some memories and it just so happens that I was talking about this series of games today, the Discworld adventure games!

In essence they were quite basic point and click adventure games that contained, for the most part, re-hashes of Monkey Island or Day of the Tentacle puzzles. But what it had that those LucasArts adventures didn't was the pre-built and pre-loved set of Discworld characters that nearly all made an appearance in the three games that were made.

The first was made near the end of the Dos days and it was vga-tastic. It centered around thre story of Terry Pratchett's Guards Guards book where a Dragon has been summoned and everyone is trying to stop it find out where it's gold is. You take on the role of failed "Wizzard" Rincewind who through a process of trial and error finds a way to put a stop to all the dragonning going on. The best bit about this game however was the voice acting by an all star cast of British gents: Eric Idle, Tony Robbinson, Rob Brydon and the irreplacable Jon Pertwee.

The Second was a far better looking game, made when Windows95 had been released and higher resolutions were about. It instead dealt with another take on a Discworld book (this time Reaper Man) with the story of Death going missing thanks to an explosion that Rincewind somehow finds himself involved with. This to me was the best of the bunch since it was far better looking than the first and kept most of the voice acting talent from the first. Plus it had a great ending song called "That's Death!" sang to the tune of "That's Life!"

The third game in the series was quite a let down unfortunately, even though it was a far more original story. Discworld Noir was an attempt to make a, well you guess it, Noir type game about a private detective that had been thrown out of the guards for taking a bribe. The problem was that it just wasn't as good as the previous games. The slapstick humour had all but gone and so had the character out of the world. It wasn't bad but it didn't feel like a proper Discworld game. The other reason I know this is the worst of the series is because when my brother and I finally stopped living in the same house hold we split up our jointly owned games "equally" and he left with Discworld 2 while I left with Discworld Noir. I've got a lot of older games I can judge using this menthod!

So, if you're a discworld fan and you've never played any of these wonderful games (except the last one) I would reccomend the second one the most!

I'll leave you with the rather well animated (for the time) intro to Discworld: Missing Presumed..? What wonderful singing from Eric Idle...

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