Friday, 11 December 2009

Weekly Endly Deals

Ok time for the roundup of what's good in deals at the moment:

Steam are doing Counter Strike Source for a few squids cheaper than usual. Personally I was a huge fan of CS1.6 and when it moved to source I played it for about a week and got bored, but if you're still on the old version perhaps this might be of interest!

Impulse are doing their own version of "Deal Of The Day" like gamersGate and Direct2Drive, but you'll need Impulse itself to see what these are! Sneaky eh? They tempted us newsletter subscribers with the possibility of Sins of a Solar empire for $1 (I think) but most of us probably missed that. Ever since it's been mostly windows based applications rather than games - hopefully that will improve leading up to Christmas.
You can get impulse from here!

Direct2Drive continue to run their deal-a-day scheme which, I have to say, has been pretty good so far! If you missed them so far this week there was Torchlight, Section8, Mechinarium and right now Rome Total War. So it's definitely worth keeping an eye on this - if I'd had the cash I would have certainly got Torchlight as it was 50% off!

GamersGate are running their 1C deal-a-day thing still, which this week included the classic "Space Rangers" game. But aside from that they are also running a gift guide thing which seems to include a mixture of mostly lesser known games, but quite a few top titles in there such as AI War: Fleet Command, Section 8, Anno1701, Bioshock, and so on. Probably worth checking out!

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