Thursday, 3 December 2009

Were are Ben and Dan?

If you're a pointy-and-clicky adventure gamer fan then you probably know that there have been two major games of this genre to play this year.

The first is the regenerated continuation of the Monkey Island series, which Telltale have done a greatish job of. The 8th of December (for the next and final episode) cannot come soon enough!

The second (not in a particular order of course) is the shockingly shocking and hillariously hillarious "Time Gentlemen Please!" created by Zombie Cow studios. It probably needs little introduction now but many of us fans have been eagerly awaiting the next installment Ben and Dans' "adventures" which was (still is?) going to feature a Mexican with a baloon head. That's not a mexican with a baloon shaped head, it's actually a head that's also a baloon.

Unfortunately, according to an announcement made near the end of last month, this isn't going to be soon. They've decided to completely re-write the whole plot, which is probably a good thing overall, but it does mean I won't get my fix of ben and dan madness, nor get to pop a baloon that doubles as a mexicans' head. They do reassure, however, that it will be released next year.

Their suggestions for what to do until then:
In the meantime… I dunno. You could buy another copy of Time Gentlemen, Please!, I suppose and play it through choosing a different path and see if it makes any difference?

Can you even do that? Play it through a different path? I had no idea! Possibly something to try when I next get the chance, or perhaps just a glance at the walkthrough will tell me.

Anyway, I can't wait for the new one, let it be as disgustingly crude and stereotypingly evil as the previous game!

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