Monday, 25 January 2010

Bullseye! Interstellar Marines Gets Real!

Have you had enough of walking around the 3D Screenshot museum thing they call "The Vault"? (The vault was pretty good I reckon) Are you wondering if this is going to be worth playing? If the combat is good enough?

Well, wonder no more!

They've recently released a section of the site called Bullseye which is a training simulator with RPG elements showing off the shooty bits of the game.

For anyone who's not yet seen this, Interstellar Marines is a browser based game using the Unity3D engine. It's going to be a single/co-op based mission game with all those bells and whistles. It's an independent title and they're attempting to invent a new phrase "AAA Indie" which I'm not too sure about but perhaps it will grow on us all.

I'm strangely impressed and addicted to this simple target shooter! To the point where I was very close to ordering the whole bloomin trillogy! I certainly looks like all the elements for a good game are appearing now. If all 3 games are created and they're good, then $50 is not going to be a bad price. I do worry that it might not get completed, but even if it's just the first episode...

Anyway, Bullseye is free to everyone! You just need to register, as usual with stuff these days, so get out your secondary email addresses!

Click here to try Bullseye

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