Saturday, 16 January 2010

Can you handle Snow? - Cubme!

Since we're unusually snow bound here in the UK right now I though this would be a fantastic time to mention Cubme! An independent title written by one man band Kristaps Auzins, also known as Matuda Games.

Acutally that first part was a lie, I should have mentioned this months ago when Kristaps mailed me about it...Ooops! But it does seem coincidental that I happen upon his email during these snowey times.

So Cubme is all about clearing snow! Something the character certainly does better than myself (It took me well over an hour to clear my drive yesterday...but enough about that now) Luckily the snow has droped into managable cube shaped pieces that can be moved around the levels. Most of the puzzle element of the game consists of throwing snow over your shoulder to clear particular areas. The first level wants particular areas cleared, the second wants you to pile all of the snow in particular places. The third level was a little more interesting, especially the first part where I had to follow a wire on the ground by moving snow out of the way so I could open a gate.

If the rest of the levels are like this third one then the full game would probably be quite a lot of fun. The snow shovelling in itself wasn't that inspiring for me but when it was combined with a new challenge it was ok. By the looks of the trailer it does seem that they keep the idea new:

The most disapointing thing for me was the music, it felt like it ambled, going nowhere in particular as if to say "I'm not sure why I'm here so I'll just play a few notes..."

Graphically, well you can see for yourself in the screenshot. It's cartoony and it works pretty well however the system requirements surprised me: 2.4ghz machine for this? The look of Cubme reminded me of the Retro64 (now aquired by Popcap) platform puzzler: Best Friends - and I'm sure that didn't require such heavy cpu power.

Anyway, aside from all this it might be worth a play for anyone who's a sokoban fan or likes this flavour of puzzle game. As usual there is a free demo so go and check it out at their site!

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