Sunday, 17 January 2010

A few site updates!

New Game Wallpaper!

I've been waiting on a response from several people to add some wallpapers that they've made - unfortunately only one person has replied!

Luckily my favourite from the bunch did reply, who created this wallpaper of the gang from the new Tales Of Monkey Island game!

Check it out on the PC Game Wallpaper page!

New Release Dates Added!
I've been making some additions to the release date calendar, there's quite a few games on there now, but still not enough!

Please let me know if you see a game I've missed - especially if it's one that you're working on and have planned for release this year!

Go visit the 2010 release date calendar and take a looksee!

More articles coming soon...
I've had a great response to my article: Top 10 Excuses for playing games! So that's enthused me to do a few more over the next few weeks.

I've got some great subject matter I'm researching for them right now so stay tuned. And don't forget the Articles I've written are nicely listed in reverse order there so if you want a good read go and take a look!

Tell me about your game!
I'm on a bit of a quest to receive more gaming news since although I've been doing this for a year now (can you believe that!) I'd like to be constantly posting about games I've heard about. So even if you've contacted me before and I've not done anything about it (sorry! I had a bad month in Sept/Oct!) let me know again!

Really, let me know about your game using the contact form.

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