Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Gratuitous Space Battles: Campaign Mode coming soon?

Something I've not reviewed yet, even though I own it ready and have done since the beta, is Positech's ship design/strategy game Gratuitous Space Battles.

The reason I've not reviewed it is because I've been puzzled by the lack of what seems such an obvious addition to the game: A Campaign or Universe Domination mode.

Designing the ships is good fun and watching the resulting destruction can only be described as spectacular, even from it's birds-eye view perspective. The music is very Starwars-y and the pre-prepared tactics all work exactly as you want them too. It's extremely configurable!

There are 4 races (5 including "The Tribe" from the add on which I don't yet have) and each has it's own set of varying ship hulls which has can keep the game interesting for quite some time. Unfortunately I'm not very good at forward planning and in space-conquest type games usually rely on my superior base building and resource gathering skills to build the bigger force. Therefore I've not enjoyed this quite as much as I'd hoped.

However, going back to the campaign stuff, from spying on Cliffski's twitter posts it looks like a campaign mode may be soon on the way! He's been making mention of User Interface for a galaxy screen and such so I'm hoping that this will be the next major update, something which I would definitely look forward to (if that wasn't clear by now!)

Here's a video of the game in action - bask in it's gratuitiness!

You can find out more from the Positech GSB home page!

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