Thursday, 28 January 2010

Kingmaker - Majesty 2 dlc?

I wasn't expecting that to be honest! Majesty 2 is quite the neat little package of a game and it was a good blast, but dlc? Not so sure yet!

So they've released this trailer that shows...well clips of this new "Kingmaker" addon/expansion/dlc whatever they want to call it these days. It doesn't look bad, more of the same hero influencing, I can see a few new characters in there and abilities plus, obviously, some new maps.

In fact it makes me want to go and play the main game again, which is a good thing!

From the press release I read: "Ino-Co is a Krasnodar-based studio" and I have to admit I'd never heard of the place! It's somewhere in Russia by the looks, good for them!

So anyway, here's the trailer:

Possibly a review here if they feel like throwing it my way!

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